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Gymnocalycium Online Journal - ISSN 2191-3099

Since 1987, enthusiasts of plants of the genus Gymnocalycium have been organized in various working groups. In the many years since the foundation of these working groups, symposia on Gymnocalycium have been organized in Germany, Austria, Italy, the Netherlands and in the Czech Republic. The results of these meetings were published analogously in different publications, like "Der Gymnobrief", "Gymnos" or "Gymnocalycium". Since then, the possibilities to inform and exchange information have changed a lot. Everything is becoming more and more networked and can be accessed at any time by means of mobile devices. Via the internet data and information relevant for the association can reach the interested person in shortest time and up-to-date. Therefore, in 2009 the idea was born to create a digital platform for the exchange of news in systematics and nomenclature this plant group. The title pays tribute to the well-known Czech Gymnocalycium specialist Dr. Bohumil Schütz. Our website would like to arouse curiosity of all interested people. Above all, it wants to make you want to deal with the species of the genus Gymnocalycium.